Burning up a sun just to say goodbye
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-Rumbelle and Ten x Rose are my OTP b/c of reasons

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A tear in time and space.

A tear in time and space.

neverland belle (3x02)


Livestream links for Season 4 Episode 4 : The Apprentice

  • Those not in the US, you can watch the show live (not as a download) on livestream ( only EST):
    Stream 1 
    Stream 2
    Stream 3
    Stream 4
  • As for downloads: Due to piracy issues we cannot post download links here ( google can help you ).
  • To avoid spoilers tonight and the next few days, don’t forget to blacklist (Tumblr Savior or XKit’s Blacklist both work) any of these: “spoilers”, “ouat”, “ouat spoilers”, “404” ands4”.
  • The show starts at 8pm EST. Do make sure you calculate your own time difference. For a little help, check this site (or use XKit’s Widgets to add World Clock with EST to your dash).
  • If you’re still confused, there is a countdown clock on our main page.
  • If you make edits (graphics/gifs) of tonight’s episode, please consider tagging with the edits tag (reginamillsedit, ouatedit etc) as the tags will be flooded with all sorts of posts. Thank you!


ripperblackstaff requested for Bobby’s cute little ninny smile whenever he looks at Em.

rumple and belle touching because reasons (part VI)


They should be together…


yes hello we are open good morning


yes hello we are open good morning


That feeling you get during a dry spell on Tumblr, save for that one sole spike in likes and reblogs.